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  ClearSurfUSA (formerly Integrity Online-Suncoast) 

Nothing has happened to, as some of  you know, we are also known as We still have the same staff, the same high-speed modem access, and now, high-speed internet via DSL technology.. was the original name for our first adventure in offering filtered Internet to West Central Florida via Integrity Online. We used the name "" for a time as a convenience to our customers and later even registered "" to give us further regional distinction. Our website was in in need of a facelift and Integrity Online has decided to not support the local, independent offices here and throughout the USA. Hence, where we are today.

So, nothing too drastic has really changed except the logo & now, the content!

---WE Still offer---

  • Blocking of known URL's (Internet Addresses) 
  • Blocking of known pornographic hosting services.
  • Blocking of keywords in web site addresses, and blocking of search keywords.
  • And now serving over 4000 locations in North America to offer true roaming and portability.
  • And totally new email service, click HERE for a sample.

We hope that you enjoy the new portal page as there are lots of great starting places here! To really take advantage of everything this site has to offer make sure you click on the " join the community " link.  All of the information is secure and private and will not be sold or shared with any outside parties.  After you join, you can customize the page with news & content that fits your personality and interests. You can even change the colors! (we like green the best!)

We are still adding to the site and making sure everything from before and more is here. If you have ideas or comments, please fill out the feedback form! We'd love to hear from you!


Trinity Data Services
Richard "Rick" Brooks


Clearly Different ... ClearSurfUSA.

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