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Dial-Up Services High-Speed DSL Web Hosting

     Dial-up Services:

  • Fastest Logon Times (usually less than 3 seconds)

  • Always Free Set-up

  • No Long term contract

  • Free Local calling numbers (never a hidden fee)

  • Free Roaming access numbers and software

  • Free 24 X 7 Tech Support

  • Free 10 MB Personal webspace

  • Five Free Email addresses (1main, and 4 child @ 10MB each) with Free Virus protection and spam blocking

  • 99% Busy Signal Freedom (low user-to-modem ratio)

  • Unlimited**, but not dedicated??


Standard 56K All-Digital Locations $21.95/m
Faster ISDN 64K Service $24.95/m
Multi-link 2 X 56K Digital  $31.95/m
Fastest ISDN 128K Service $39.95/m

How do I cancel my account with my old provider? Click "HERE" for those answers.

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    High-Speed JetConnect DSL:

     High Speed ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) is our only fast product offering adaptable to the home user, home user network, small home-office (SOHO), small business office, and in some cases, can be used on networks to support up to 100 computers on the Internet.

    Purposes: To offer a alternative solution to multiple dial-up, or "bonded" line, dial-up account and ISDN. It is a "smaller-than" solution. It costs less than (in most cases) per month than dedicated Point-to-Point, Frame-Relay, or Wireless Solutions.

   Our Network: (as of today) is designed to deliver this product in the Greater Tampa-Bay area. If you live in Verizon territory in West-Central Florida chances are good that you may "qualify" for this service (call for details, 813.930.0504 xt103).

   About Qualifying: your home or business must be located no more than 18,000 feet (approximately 3.5 miles) from a Verizon DSL equipped wiring/switching center. And, there must be available "ports" in the local "CO" (Central Office/wiring center)

  Pricing & Promotions: DSL, or ADSL from ClearsurfUSA, starts at $24.95 per month*. This price includes a ADSL loaner modem ($99.00 value) 768/128K (basic-rate) Info Speed (15 times faster than 56K modem) unlimited always on Internet access, 5, virus-scanned & junk mail scanned email addresses, a 10MB space for a personal webpage, competent tech support, static or dynamic IP address (no home hosting please), Verizon line upgrade charge, and adult-content sites removed from your Internet Access. These items are combined to offer "the best" product package on the local market today. *Activation fee of $30 (new customer) applies and all *applicable fees.
1. Cancellations made prior to completing 12month usage time period are subject to pay the balance of full activation charges of $99. AND return of the DSL LOANER modem in good condition.
2. Loaner modems not returned or returned as broken/useless are subject to a $45 modem replacement charge.


   Web Hosting:

   Dedicated Web hosting is defined as: "A computer containing data or programs that another computer can access by means of a network or modem" (source: At ClearsurfUSA we have high-speed Internet Servers, dedicated to "containing data (your web site files)" so that "another computer can access by means of a network or modem" anytime day or night, 24 hours a day.

  Our Facility/Network: We have high-speed (OC-48's) connected to no less than four major carriers. These provide ample protection and enable many different network connection points thereby giving us reliable, "worry-free" uptime. Our network center in Tampa, has redundant A/C systems, battery-to-generator power supply with automatic switching, RAID configured data duplication,  and all POP3 Mail-Servers have built-in virus scanning, so your domain will have POP3, virus-scanned mail for no extra charge.

  Pricing and Promotions: ClearsurfUSA has hosting plans starting at $10 a month. This "Basic" account is a full-featured "budget" account, with everything you need to get started it offers: 100MB of disk-space, 20, 100MB POP3 Email addresses (virus-scanned) 5GB of file transfer, and Microsoft Front Page 2002 Extension Support. The entire hosting program is too diverse to publish here, many options to choose from, dedicated database servers, real-audio streaming and archiving, and more. Call our local office at 813.930.0504 xt7 for complete consultation. Let our hosting experts plan your website implementation today.

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   1. Monthly charge reduction up to $1.75 per referral ... your name must be mentioned at new customer sign-up to start this valuable benefit.

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**Unlimited Definition:  We (Trinity Data Services) define unlimited access as access from a dialup computer connection with a person using or attending to their connection. Downloads, Internet Web Browsing, Sending and receiving E-mail, Playing Online Games, and Using Chat (instant message) are considered part of that service. However, using auto-dialers to connect or "ping" related programs to force or keep an active connection while not attending to your computer and connection is not considered acceptable use of our services. The access to the Internet we provide is "Unlimited" in the sense that we do not charge an hourly fee, and do not limit you to a certain number of hours or minutes on a monthly basis. Unlimited access is defined by the industry as using the services provided actively. If you are at work, asleep, or otherwise not attending to your machine and connection, are not in the process of downloading files, you are abusing your network privileges. Your E-mail is stored on the Trinity Data Services server as well are any other storage services we offer. There is no legitimate reason to stay connected 24 hours a day. Doing so will be questioned. If your reason for staying connected beyond 24 hours, consecutively, is not accepted by Trinity Data Services, we reserve the right to terminate your service. Otherwise, we do not limit the use, access, frequency, or reason for utilization of the services we offer, unless prohibited by law. NOTE: The average American user uses 35hr/month of dial-up internet. We allow up to 150 hours of access every month before your account is  "Suspended" or charged overages.

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